Primary Care


Convenient Access to Your Direct Primary Care Providers in Raleigh

Get direct access to your primary care doctors when you need it. When you become a patient of Halo Health, your doctor is always accessible to you and your family. Halo Health offers direct primary care in Raleigh at the concierge doctor level. As a Halo Health patient, your doctor provides primary care, urgent care, pediatric care and wellness care at your home or workplace. Your doctor is at your house or on the phone with you using audio and video telemedicine appointments at your convenience. You can access your own secure patient portal through our HIPAA compliant app where you’ll be able to see your lab and test results and other health information.

I am Looking for a Direct Primary Care Provider Near Me

As your direct primary care doctors, you will have an immediate appointment with your doctor and medical team. When you and your family become a Halo Health patient, our concierge physician care includes a consultation and continuing care that focuses on all aspects of your health and wellness for the whole family.

Halo Health provides full spectrum primary care for conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many other common health problems. We treat those conditions with medication and also integrate your medical regimen with our wellness plan to optimize non pharmacological treatment. You will see familiar faces who know your health history.

Examples of common specialists our patients see:
• Ear, Nose, Throat
• Pulmonologist
• Orthopaedic
• Obstetrics & Gynecologist
• Allergist/Immunologist
• Cardiologist
• Dermatologist
• Endocrinologist
• Gastroenterologist
• Geriatric Specialist
• Hematologist
• Medical Geneticist
• Neurologist
• Oncologist
• Ophthalmologist
• Urologist

How do I Call for Direct Primary Care Near Me in Raleigh

Your health concerns are important to you, and at Halo Health, we treat them immediately, with appointments convenient for you so you can be feeling better in no time. We deliver in home medical services across the Raleigh area. To find out how to become a Halo Health patient, call today at (919) 830-3224.