Why Halo Health?

Direct Primary Care Raleigh

Don’t drive to the doctor when you’re sick…

the last thing you want to do when you dont feel good is make the trip to the doctors office. We come to you in the comfort of your own home or office.

Mobile Doctor Raleigh

Forget crowded waiting rooms filled with germs…

We provide all of your care in your home or office , clean, safe, and easy.

House Call Doctor in Raleigh

Skip the trip to the ER or urgent care…

We come to you and deliver high level care. Our team has extensive experience in primary care and the emergency room so we’re prepared to handle most medical issues.

In Home Doctor Raleigh

Avoid the 4 hour wait…

We can be at most folk’s home within an hour of request, or, better yet, for non-urgent situations, schedule at your convenience when you would like us to care for you.

Halo health Care

No more 5 pages of forms to fill out…

We do all the paperwork for you and keep it on file for next time.

Direct Primary Urgent Care Raleigh

Know your doctor and care team!

You will see familiar faces who know your health history. We are physicians and clinicians who are experienced in primary, urgent and emergency care. We go way beyond sick visits and can handle most urgent and emergent situations so that you do not have to leave your home.

Direct Primary Care Providers Raleigh

We’re available for extended hours

Doesn’t it seem that we always need a doctor on Friday night or the weekend? We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Direct Primary Care Raleigh

Experience true wellness care

Finally, you’ll receive a real executive physical-we’ll order expanded blood work-up & a sit-down visit to discuss your blood work results and how they indicate your overall health and wellness. Then, we’ll provide you with a personalized written wellness plan.

Direct Primary Care Raleigh

Your care starts the moment you contact us.

Get immediate medical care instead of answering machines and the run around when you need us.


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